Monday, November 5, 2012

Not to "YOLO" or anything...

Today I am going to drop my Statistics class. It's been very stressful for me, because I feel badly about it. It took up so much time and money already that it's difficult to just let it go and move on. But I did get extra help and I still did FAIL my exam. The truth? My learning style just clashed with the teaching style. But I've realized .... It HAPPENS.

So here's a little inspiration for all of you... Don't get stressed about small things, get happy about other opportunities  I dropped my math class = more time to spend on other classes = higher GPA. Always look for the brighter side, because as the catchy motto says, "You only live once" . It's true. Be happy, because you can't relieve these days again, once they pass, they are gone. Every moment is fleeting, so make sure that you are happy as you can possibly be.

Keep calm, and keep loving life.... :)

Breanna Banana

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