Friday, February 22, 2013


I am selling four incredible items!! They are well loved and need to find a new home!!

1. Black Samick Piano- Looking for around $3,500 or Best offer. It's a great little piano... if you brush the dust off it would be absolutly charming to have in your home. Great black color.

2. Rare Vintage piano- a beautiful, unique brown piano! I bet you won't find anything like it! It's a big piece and is great for conversation, decoration, and making beautiful music! Give a room in your home something to be centered around. 

3. Beginner's Brown Piano- $500 or Best Offer. A great gift for somebody looking to begin in the world of music. 

4. Ebonite Billard- $500 or Best Offer- Ebonite "Money" Pool table. By "Money" it's one of those great old-fashioned tables that you would find in a bar or a pool hall that you put money in to play! Great collectors item! The felt is a little faded, but otherwise it is in great shape!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Silence of a Storm

Life is a stressful-pushing-pushing-pushing stream of events. Stress. That's the thing that can motivate us to do more than is even necessary. That can have both positive and negative benefits but sometimes we just need to take a break.
So, I would like to take this opportunity of this snow storm, "Nemo" to unwind. I can hang out with my boyfriend, I can hang out with my dog. I can watch snow flurries go by the window. I can watch a movie or read a book that I usually wouldn't have time to watch. I can not work with confidence that it's OK  because the store is closed anyways.
I want to challenge you all to do the same. Paint your nails, build a snowman, sleep, snuggle with somebody. Drink a glass of wine, or fill that cute mug you got for Christmas with some gourmet hot coco, or tea. mmm. Enjoy your day off-
Breanna Banana

Thursday, January 3, 2013


One must not let oneself be overwhelmed by sadness. - Jackie O. 
Strength is not impossible to find in the face of darkness. The nation has been overwhelmed with senseless killings, but unfortunately this is not a new concept. Sometimes the media makes us feel as though things are changing for the worse, and that things used to be better. Simply put, this is not true- at least on the big scale. Human rights awareness is growing, homicide rates are going down.
However, we still want answers. We want to know why people are being senselessly murdered, and why in such a rich country, are our neighbors losing their homes that they worked so hard to build. WHY? I don't have the answer. There is not one single answer. It's a compilation of problems that may be solved but may not ever be solved. So what do we do? Here's my answer for now, for each individual person. To survive, you must at least find one source of strength.

  • Mental Strength- Push negativity away with positive thought. Google inspirational quotes if you have to. 
  • Mind- Body Strength- Good health, nutrition, working out, learning about yourself through physical limits and pushing yourself.
  • Spiritual Strength- Help others. Look to god, or to the power inside of yourself. Pray. Even if you don't believe in god- pray to your inner self for the strength to push forward. Meditate. Find a passion. Love. 
  • Family and Community- Look to your friends, family and community for support. Support them, bond with them. It's incredible the effects of bonding can have. Meet up with old friends, call your mother, help out at the school.  In other-words, "apprivoiser", (as in Le Petit Prince) : create important bonds with people. 
Breanna Banana