Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spread Your Christmas Magic!!

The holidays are in full bloom, with every department store and mall decked out with lights, trees, faux gift boxes and advertisements on what to buy your loved ones. As much as we love giving special gifts to people that are in our immediate social circle such as friends, and siblings, this can also be a time to give something special to somebody that may not be as fortunate.
Consider Donating or Lending a Hand at/to your local homeless shelters, food pantry's, Salvation armys and more! Our neighbors and friends are what bring us happiness so lets help them out as well!!

Here are some events in Boston for you Massachusetts People:

Stuff A Truck-  This Thursday, November 29th at 11:00 Am at Boston Common and at Legacy Place in Dedham - Trucks will be present to fill with children's toys to give to the children at the Home for Little Wanderers for the holidays! Please bring a toy that could inspire happiness in these precious children and help stuff these trucks!! Want to learn more about the cause? Check out their website http://www.thehome.org/site/PageServer

Operation Elf-  Come Donate toys and household items to a great charity at a great event!!

Sunday December 9, 2012

1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Here are some Cape Cod Philanthropy Organizations:

Chatham Angel fund- 
Stop by Ginny’s gallery at 618 Main Street in Chatham and purchase an ornament or a JJ King photograph, and all proceeds are  used to help people in need with shelter, clothing, etc

Harwich Family Pantry- is always looking for donations and volunteers. Do you make pies or have extra canned goods? Send them over! You could help somebody that needs something to eat!

There are many other places that accept food and toys donations such as your local grocery store. Please keep an eye out! We may be "out" of this "recession" but times are still tough for many recovering and still suffering from the economic downfall. Please help out families and children in need this holiday season!
How are you planning to help? Please let me know of any organizations or events to add to this posting!

Breanna Banana

Friday, November 23, 2012

Darien Sport Shop!

So my new friends on Twitter introduced me to Darien Sport shop. It's a great online shop that has a ton of my favorite brands at great prices ( Everything from Hunter to Vinyard Vines to Godiva)! Whats not to love!? To check it out head over to      http://www.dariensport.com ... I'm sure there will be something you will fall in love with too!

Wait, did I mention that they feature one of my favorite brands of all time? They Have a Specific section for Lilly Pulitzer!! Eeeek!! If you don't know about Lilly (How could you not!?) I will fill you in! Lilly was an incredible little woman who started an amazing little juice stand in 1959. My favorite person, the lovely style icon Jackie O even wore her dresses! Lilly had big dreams about design, and taking inspiration from the natural colors of the fruit, she began an amazing brand that still exists today! They design the cutest shift dresses, planners, accessories and more!

Now that we have our little history lesson out of the way... Let me give you the details on my favorite item this season and why you should head over to www.dariensport.com and buy it for yourself or your BFF (or both!) !!

The Lilly Pulitzer Alexis Coat

I'm pretty sure it goes without saying how adorable this coat is! What is there not to LOVE about it!? First of all, the feminine dress length will slim out your body, allowing you to look and feel like a supermodel! The ruffles on the trim are to die for, and the self adjusting belt tie with flatter that tiny little waist of yours! Simply put, this is the PERFECT coat for all of your holiday parties. Put it over your favorite dress, add some accessories and you are in perfect shape! Everybody will be telling you how much they LOVE your coat and how much they WANT it when you arrive! When somebody offers to take your coat, you may not even want to take it off- it's just too perfect! So for those holiday parties, strolls down main street and hot coco dates, here's exactly what to wear. You need the link? Find it HERE! How much do you love this coat!?

Breanna banana

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving

This week is a whirlwind of emotions, from cramming in last minute projects, to the excitement of going home, I'm sure almost every college kid is feeling it. The holidays have finally begun. So here's a little post about Thanksgiving Prep!

Stuffing the Turkey

Saying Grace

Keeping Warm By The Fire


 Martha Stewart's Ginger Cranberry Sauce    Lauren Conrad's Mini Pumpkin Pies!!
Get the Recipe !                                                                   Get the Recipe!

So excited!!! Can't wait to taste all of the amazing food! Do you have anything special to wear or taste?

Breanna Banana

Monday, November 12, 2012

Miss Southern Prep

Miss Southern Prep is doing a great giveaway! She is giving away new items everyday for her followers!
Check it out while it's going on and maybe you will win something cool :)

Day One of the Giveaway- Whale Earrings!

Day Two Of the Giveaway- Lilly Glasses!

Link to her home page

And I won!! I won a hand painted canvas from Unique and Chic creations on etsy! YAY! I got an adorable hand painted name plate for my little sister! So below I will post the Next round of links for the giveaway!! wooo!!

Day Six!!

Day 7!!

Day 8!!

Day nine- Custom serving trays!
Good luck!!

Breanna Banana

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sondra Celli - Bling Queen

Sondra Celli of TLC's "Bling It On" , and "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding" visited my school this past week to give a presentation on bling, gypsies, and the fashion industry! She had very inspiring messages, that if you work hard, and produce, you can make your dreams come true. She pointed out the harsh truth that many people can make pretty drawings on paper, but the difference is being able to actually execute the design. The business world is very competitive  and you need to be able to set yourself apart. A suggestion she gave was marketing  yourself in a creative way, instead of being stuffy on paper. If you are a Lime Green girl, then send in your resume on Lime Green paper, it will set you apart from every other piece of white paper on the desk.
She started into fashion at a young age, sewing a dress from a pattern for her 8th birthday, traveling Europe as a preteen, and attending design school. She now has created a very successful business for herself. She creates incredible beautiful and unique wedding gowns covered in Swarvoski crystals. Her main clientele are mainly soon to- be Gypsie brides who want outstanding, over the top, loaded with bling gowns. She once even had lights wired into a gown, and has even sold a baby dress covered in glass mirrors! She says that her and her "Blingettes" are willing to bling anything... they have even "blinged" toilet paper. Their favorite thing to bling? She responded with, "Baby things!" She even had a table on display with a baby outfit, baby shoes, and a pacifier, all covered in stones! Beyond adorable!

Some creations from her website at www.sondracelli.com

Aren't these dresses interesting... made for a fairy tale I think!?

Breanna Banana

Monday, November 5, 2012

Not to "YOLO" or anything...

Today I am going to drop my Statistics class. It's been very stressful for me, because I feel badly about it. It took up so much time and money already that it's difficult to just let it go and move on. But I did get extra help and I still did FAIL my exam. The truth? My learning style just clashed with the teaching style. But I've realized .... It HAPPENS.

So here's a little inspiration for all of you... Don't get stressed about small things, get happy about other opportunities  I dropped my math class = more time to spend on other classes = higher GPA. Always look for the brighter side, because as the catchy motto says, "You only live once" . It's true. Be happy, because you can't relieve these days again, once they pass, they are gone. Every moment is fleeting, so make sure that you are happy as you can possibly be.

Keep calm, and keep loving life.... :)

Breanna Banana

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sewing Isn't Just for a 50's House Wife

Recently, the commercial washing machines (along with the fact of being worn many times) at my school have torn some small holes in some of my old favorite pairs of jeggings. At first I thought that I would have to throw them away. However, with Christmas approaching I did not want to spend hundreds of dollars buying new jeans (I just got one new pair at work anyways). So I thought of a solution: stitching the holes back together. Since no fabric had been lost in the rip, it was an easy fix.

Here's how you can fix tears in your favorite clothes (basic fix):

Materials: Sewing needle, Thread close to the color of your fabric, Damaged clothing
Tip: You can buy small sewing kits at Walmart and similar stores for under $5

1. Turn your clothing item inside out, and lay it so that the clothing is flat and that both sides of the tear line up.
2. Thread your needle by sticking an end of thread through the hole at the top
3. Tie a small knot at the far end. Loop the end of the thread around the sharp end of the needle twice, pull it down past the eye of the needle, and a loop will form, tighten that into a knot.
4. Pinch the fabric on both sides of the tear together, and stick the needle through the fabric all of the way and back up.
5. Sew in a  zigzag shape pattern
6. When finished, tie another knot at the end!

See how much better it looks after the tear is stitched?

Please try it! I promise it's worth the money that you save... especially as a college student!

Breanna Banana