Friday, November 23, 2012

Darien Sport Shop!

So my new friends on Twitter introduced me to Darien Sport shop. It's a great online shop that has a ton of my favorite brands at great prices ( Everything from Hunter to Vinyard Vines to Godiva)! Whats not to love!? To check it out head over to ... I'm sure there will be something you will fall in love with too!

Wait, did I mention that they feature one of my favorite brands of all time? They Have a Specific section for Lilly Pulitzer!! Eeeek!! If you don't know about Lilly (How could you not!?) I will fill you in! Lilly was an incredible little woman who started an amazing little juice stand in 1959. My favorite person, the lovely style icon Jackie O even wore her dresses! Lilly had big dreams about design, and taking inspiration from the natural colors of the fruit, she began an amazing brand that still exists today! They design the cutest shift dresses, planners, accessories and more!

Now that we have our little history lesson out of the way... Let me give you the details on my favorite item this season and why you should head over to and buy it for yourself or your BFF (or both!) !!

The Lilly Pulitzer Alexis Coat

I'm pretty sure it goes without saying how adorable this coat is! What is there not to LOVE about it!? First of all, the feminine dress length will slim out your body, allowing you to look and feel like a supermodel! The ruffles on the trim are to die for, and the self adjusting belt tie with flatter that tiny little waist of yours! Simply put, this is the PERFECT coat for all of your holiday parties. Put it over your favorite dress, add some accessories and you are in perfect shape! Everybody will be telling you how much they LOVE your coat and how much they WANT it when you arrive! When somebody offers to take your coat, you may not even want to take it off- it's just too perfect! So for those holiday parties, strolls down main street and hot coco dates, here's exactly what to wear. You need the link? Find it HERE! How much do you love this coat!?

Breanna banana


  1. Correct me if I am wrong- but did you run "Cape Cod Prep"? Sorry if I am wrong!

    Ahh thanks for the website info! I will definitely go and check it out- I love LP as well <3

  2. I did- this blog is basically just an updated version ;)

  3. Ahahah okay! I was wondering where your blog went- I really liked it. I’m glad you have a new blog! ☺

  4. Love love love that coat! Very feminine. I have a somewhat similar MK coat in Navy but I will definitely check that one out! :)

  5. Classic Loving- I'm glad you found me!! I love your blog as well!! Thank you so much for Reading!! :)

    Curly Southern Belle-Isn't it great! Thank you for checking out my blog! I will head over to yours :-) Please add me with Google Friend Connect for updates!