Friday, February 22, 2013


I am selling four incredible items!! They are well loved and need to find a new home!!

1. Black Samick Piano- Looking for around $3,500 or Best offer. It's a great little piano... if you brush the dust off it would be absolutly charming to have in your home. Great black color.

2. Rare Vintage piano- a beautiful, unique brown piano! I bet you won't find anything like it! It's a big piece and is great for conversation, decoration, and making beautiful music! Give a room in your home something to be centered around. 

3. Beginner's Brown Piano- $500 or Best Offer. A great gift for somebody looking to begin in the world of music. 

4. Ebonite Billard- $500 or Best Offer- Ebonite "Money" Pool table. By "Money" it's one of those great old-fashioned tables that you would find in a bar or a pool hall that you put money in to play! Great collectors item! The felt is a little faded, but otherwise it is in great shape!

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